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What Are Rashes?

If you have an area of skin that has become red, swollen, itchy, and irritated, you may have a rash. Skin inflammation can often cause a rash, and these outbreaks can occupy a small spot or even large areas of the body. Luckily, rashes aren’t permanent but some may need medical intervention.

Rashes can develop immediately and other will take days after an irritant exposure has occurred.  It is important to identify the cause of the rash before you begin attempting to treat it.  There is no one cause of rash and each person will react differently to environmental and internal factors.

What Causes Rashes?

Rashes can occur for many different reasons. Infections, heat, allergens, medications, food, and immune system disorders are some of the main causes of rashes. Bug bites are another common cause of itchy rashes. Rashes and insect bites can go hand-in-hand during the hot summer months in Tennessee.

While bothersome, rashes usually aren’t dangerous. If you are experiencing a rash that covers your whole body, you have a fever, or the rash is spreading very quickly, seek immediate medical attention. These symptoms signify a possible dangerous underlying issue.

Cure Your Rash

In most cases, your rash will disappear on it’s own after the irritant is removed. In the case of a severe rash or a chronic rash, Medical House Calls in Tennessee can help!

Through in-person house calls or telemed, our doctors can diagnose your rash and prescribe the appropriate medicine to give you relief. In the mean time, get an ice pack and apply it to the rash to alleviate some of the itching and burning sensation. An over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream can help with itching and inflammation, as well. 

Skin rash on a woman's back - Get dermatology treatment in Tennessee

Medicines Our Doctors May Prescribe:

Get treatment for bug bites in Tennessee - rashes and insect bites

Medicines Our Doctors May Prescribe:

Bug Bites

No one likes to get bitten by a bug but in some cases, a bite may lead to needing medical treatment. A bug bite may cause a severe rash, welts, itching, an allergic reaction, or in the worse case, spread disease.

Different types of bugs will leave a different mark on the skin. Pay attention to this to help identify what bit you and give your doctor clues on how to treat you.

Bedbugs: These bugs leave a small red an itchy bite mark. Occasionally, these bites can cause severe allergic reaction.

Beestings and wasps: This “bite” leaves a red bump with white around it. Many people experience severe allergic reactions to bee stings, these can be dangerous and even deadly.

Fleas: Flea bites leave small itchy welts which are often located on the legs, close to the ground. Lying on flea infested carpet or bedding may give fleas access to bite areas higher up on the body.

Mosquitos: These bites are raised pink bumps and can become extremely itchy. Rarely, people will experience severe allergic reactions.

Spiders: The symptoms of spider bites vary widely on the type of spider. On the minor end, there may be red skin and swelling and on the severe end, hospitalization may result.

Ticks: Normal tick bites can leave  red marks and be itchy. In the case of a tick carrying Lyme disease, the bite wound may turn into a rash that resembles a bulls-eye. 


Bug Bite Relief

As most bug bites only cause irritation, at-home treatment is often all that is needed. Soaking the bite in ice water, using an over-the-counter anti-itch medicine, or using calamine lotion may be enough to get relief. Rashes and insect bites are uncomfortable but normally can be treated at home.

For more severe cases,  you may need medical attention. Doctors can prescribe stronger medications when needed. They can also remove any stingers left underneath the skin. If you think you have been bitten by a poisonous bug or are having an allergic reaction, seek medical attention immediately. 

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