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Monday-Sunday, 7am-7pm • *24/7 After Hour Calls Available

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Monday-Sunday, 7am-7pm
*24/7 After Hour Calls Available

Call (615) 838-2375


Monday-Sunday, 7am-7pm
*24/7 After Hour Calls Available

Text (615) 838-2375


Monday-Sunday, 7am-7pm
*24/7 After Hour Calls Available

Fax (615) 432-4633

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Conditions We Treat

We treat everything an urgent care clinic can 
and offer multiple preventative health care services.

Services provided include but are not limited to the following:

Personalized Treatment

USA Licensed Providers

Certified Sterile Pharmacy

How does it work?

1. Give Us A Call

All visits start with a phone consultation with one of our providers to determine the extent of your needs.

2. Pick Your Treatment

After you answer a few questions, we'll provide you with your treatment options. Home visit, tele-health or virtual prescription.

3. Feel Better in No Time

Our medical staff will take great care of you and get you feeling better in no time. 

Middle Tennessee's Top Urgent Care Services,
In The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

In these uncertain time, families who receive treatment in the comfort of their own home are much more likely to stay safe. Because we want to meet you where you are in this season, we will come to to you! Get urgent medical care at home AND feel better knowing you are protected.

Rapid COVID Testing Now Available!

Call now to get your in home COVID test results in 15 minutes.