2020…Boy, oh boy, Who Could Have Predicted?

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History gives us several examples of when predictions where just plain wrong. For example in 1977 Ken Olson, founder of Digital Equipment Corp. stated ? There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home?, Yet by 2009 80% of all US households had at least one if not many. Then there was  Charlie Chaplin, who in 1916  famously called motion pictures ?a fad.? Last, but not least in 2008, Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft predicted the iPhone would be a ?flop?. As these cases have shown, smart people may see the facts, but not the environmental factors that can shift the entire landscape, as we learned the hard way with COVID-19.

This was particularly true in 2020, a year that forever redefined  ?normal? and altered our world in ways we are only beginning to understand. When I look back at my own predictions last year, almost none of them played out as I thought neither personally or professional. My hopes and goals went a whole new direction due to the pandemic and the complete upending of the national health care agenda.

For 2021, job number one for the nation will be moving ahead with the largest mass vaccination program in our history, as well as improving our rapid testing capabilities and therapeutic treatments for COVID-19. This backdrop will permeate all of our decisions this year, and directional trends will largely be influenced by how quickly we make progress in these areas.

Speaking of directional trends, The one thing that 2020 confirmed to me as I traveled from home to home to provide urgent in home care or even COVID testing and or treatments is that you can pretty much get anything you want when you want it. Why can?t quality health care be the same? On any given day, you can get meals delivered, get your dogs groomed, get 3-4 amazon deliveries, heck you can even get in home spray tans. Medical House Calls is in business for one simple reason?.It is time to change your expectations when it comes to your healthcare. Medical HouseCalls is not intended to take the place of your Primary care provider, but we do exist to bridge the gap or at times the great divide. 

Yes, 2020 happened, and yes it’s time to find our ? New Normal?. We are Medical HouseCalls and we would love the opportunity to treat you moving forward if the need arises in the comfort and safety of your own home. Give us a call, and we will do the rest.